• Work package 1. Administrative and financial Management +

    Administrative and financial management of the project /coordination of the partnership

    Phase 1.1: Technical Management

    This phase deals with the design of the extended work plan, the general monitoring thereof (of scope, time and costs), exchange control, threat control, and intermediate and final assessments. It also deals with the general coordination of the work carried out by the partners, the planning of working sessions, as well as the communication with the project committee and different programme authorities. It is performed by the Project Coordinator (PC) appointed by the LP.

    Start date: 2013-02-01
    End date:   2015-06-30

    Phase 1.2: Financial Management

    This phase involves the monitoring of the general financial and administrative tasks for the project, thus ensuring compliance with the rules established by the MED programme. It also includes the drafting of common guidelines and constant advice for all partners. This phase also deals with the preparation of global financial reports, as well as their presentation before the certificate authority. It is performed by the Financial Manager (FM) appointed by the LP.

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  • Work package 2. Information and awareness raising +

    Information and awareness raising

    Phase 2.1: Design of the general communication activities for the project

    This phase includes:

    - Design of the project's corporate image.

    - Design and follow-up of the communication plan.

    Start date: 2013-02-01
    End date:   2013-05-31


    Phase 2.2: Implementation of the general communication activities

    Implementation of the general communication activities of the project:

    - Design and management of the general website.

    - Planning press conferences and submitting press releases.

    - Publication of fliers and similar materials (in four languages).

    - Promotion of events on a national scale (Workshops, seminars, etc.).

    Start date: 2013-06-01
    End date:   2015-06-30

    Phase 2.3: Training

    - Training workshops for internal administrators and users of the implemented PCS and internal management programmes linked to them.

    - Design of a specific methodology.

    - Development of materials and knowledge pills. Knowledge pills would be short videos, showing the real use of PCS. These pills would be useful for classroom and online training, and as a support repository for all users.

    Start date: 2013-05-15
    End date:   2015-01-31

    Phase 2.4: Effects capitalization and assurance in long term

    This phase includes:

    - Design of a sustainability scheme.

    - Implementation of the sustainability scheme (meeting with decision-making politicians, development of a virtual technical forum, participation in sectorial conferences, preparation of technical reports, etc.)

    - Participation in the groups created by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the MED programme.

    Start date: 2013-04-01
    End date:   2015-06-05
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  • Work package 4. Improvement of the Information Management Systems +

    Improvement of the Information Management Systems

    Phase 4.1: Setting minimum requirements of PCS and communication system

    Setting the minimum requirements to be covered by every implemented PCS and intra-port communication system

    The project will not create new models of harmonisation, but it will be based on previously developed ones. A document including the different works and official recommendations and guidelines shall be drafted. The document shall include explicit recommendations for the project itself.
    The minimum requirements to be fulfilled by each PCS shall be defined jointly.

    Each port shall report on its current situation (study/report), and on the modifications, improvements, acquisitions and new developments which are to be implemented (specific improvement action plan) in order to comply with the minimum requirements established. Finally, a specific plan for each port will be approved, as well as the bases for developing an intra-port intra-comm.

    Start date: 2013-04-05
    End date:   2013-08-31

    Phase 4.2: Implementation of PCS in all the harbours

    This phase includes the establishment of the PCS in every harbour according to each individual scheme. It involves all the improvements to be made for the external client who will benefit from the service and the internal management improvements to guarantee it. Although each port will be responsible for implementing this phase, special care must be taken to promote Communication among the different partner teams to ensure synergies.

    Start date: 2013-08-01
    End date:   2014-05-31

    Phase 4.3: Development of the communication system among PCS

    In this phase, the necessary (software) developments will be implemented so as to assure an integrated intra-port communication. Not only on a port to port level, but on a community to community one.

    Start date: 2013-11-01
    End date:   2014-08-31

    Phase 4.4: Pilot tests

    This project includes 5 pilot tests:
    • A pilot test for each harbour (4 tests) in order to prove that the implemented PCS or the improvements thereto operate correctly. That the users are conversant with them and use them.
    • A pilot test in which at least 2 harbours will participate (1 test), to prove the effective interconnection among the PCS of the mentioned harbours. That the users are conversant with them and make use of them.
    This phase includes specific assessments of the results obtained for each of the pilot tests which are carried out.

    Start date: 2014-06-01
    End date: 2015-04-30
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